Kumpulan Channel Aplikasi Telegram Messenger

Apa itu Telegram?
Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.

What can you do with Telegram?
  1. Connect; from most remote locations.
  2. Coordinate; groups of up to 1000 members.
  3. Synchronize; your chats across all your devices.
  4. Send; documents of any type.
  5. Encrypt; personal and business secrets.
  6. Destruct; your messages with a timer.
  7. Store; your media in the cloud.
  8. Build; your own tools on our API.
  9. Enjoy; feedback from your customers.

Why switch to Telegram?
  1. Private; Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.
  2. Cloud-Based; Telegram lets you access your messages from multiple devices.
  3. Fast; Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application.
  4. Distributed; Telegram servers are spread worldwide for security and speed.
  5. Open; Telegram has an open API and protocol free for everyone.
  6. Free; Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees.
  7. Secure; Telegram keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks.
  8. Powerful; Telegram has no limits on the size of your media and chats.
  9. We Can do It!; Help make messaging safe again – spread the word about Telegram.

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Kumpulan Channel Aplikasi Telegram Messenger

"Maka berbicaralah kamu berdua (Musa & Harun Alaihimassalam) kepadanya (Fir'aun) dengan kata-kata yang LEMAH LEMBUT, mudah-mudahan ia ingat atau takut" [TQS. Thoha (20):44]